Academy Director

Paige Bandy

Welcome to Creative Academy! By partnering with your family on this academic adventure, together we can brighten the future of those who will brighten our future!

Our children are the future! Soon they will be leaders and influencers. How we prepare this generation determines the type of influence they will have and the worldview which will affect everyone for generations to come.

Distance learning is not serving our children well! More children than ever are declaring “I hate school!” Students aren’t engaging with others to ignite the love for learning. The vision and value of education is quickly declining. School doesn’t feel important so children lose their motivation. Some children feel like they can’t learn, so they don’t even try. Students are discouraged and depressed, missing the personal connection and sense of purpose. If we become illiterate or ill-informed our future becomes a scary place!

Once schools taught Biblical values, with the goal of preparing citizens who would lead with a solid understanding of God’s Truth. Christian heritage and Biblical references have been erased from textbooks. Today public schools are not only omitting godly values, but undermining them. Family values are being replaced with new concepts like gender fluidity. Children are losing their God-given identity and purpose. As a parent, I know the pain of seeing my children hurting and feeling like there is no right answer. This pain fuels my passion to find a better option!

Through a variety of circumstances, my three children experienced public schools, charter schools, online schools, and other models. I home schooled for 13 years, which was definitely the most effective and strengthening time for my children. When there wasn’t a homeschool co-op in the area, I established and directed a homeschool co-op with about 100 students. Later we participated in other co-ops in different areas. Each option has its own personality and influence.

In 2020, I visited a couple academies which are the model for Creative Academy. This effective model highlights the positives I experienced in homeschooling, then adds the power of the Holy Spirit, church influence, motivated teachers, and the supportive community of other families. When we link this to the fun factor and culture of Creative Church to create Creative Academy, the abundance of positive influences will fill our children with a life-changing excitement for education and the strength to stand confidently no matter what life throws at them! This will brighten the future of our children who will clearly brighten our future!

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