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New To Homeschool Questions

What about standardized testing?

Homeschoolers do standardized tests annually for their own records. They are not shared with the school district. Many homeschoolers use CAT or Peabody tests. They can be done online at any point through the year, and usually cost around $25 per student.

Who do I talk to at my school?

School districts have a homeschool liaison generally listed on the district website depending on which district you live in. They tend to be helpful and supportive.

School districts offer a reimbursement for non-religious homeschool supplies up to about $86 per student from kindergarten up. You just need to fill out a form through the district requesting the reimbursement (typically due Oct 1st), and then submit receipts by May.

Overall, homeschooling reporting in MN is very easy. There are no portfolios to turn in or required number of school days, etc. There are also so many wonderful resources right now to encourage parents- books, podcasts, online conferences, etc

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I successfully homeschool if I don’t have a teaching certification? What if I never went to college?

You taught your children to talk, walk, eat, have manners…
Who better to teach them then someone who deeply cares?
Curriculum outlines the scope and sequence, but parents impart the love of learning, build character and curiosity.
If you don’t know the material, learn together.
Affirming interaction helps student succeed.
Other families study the same material which motivates both students and parents.

Will homeschooled children be ready for college?

Colleges seek home schooled students, because they tend to be academically advanced, engaged in education, self-governed leaders, focused and specializing in topics which interest them. HIgh school students can take PSEO courses and complete up to 2 years of college while still in high school. These students don’t need entrance exams.

Can we homeschool if we work full-time?

Schools use 7 hours a day because of wasted time. Children spend time waiting and distracted. Home school families generally spend 3-4 hours per day. Beside study time, learning happens in the car, at the store, everywhere and anytime they are receptive.

Students work on their assignments independently part of the time - not so distracted by other students! Then they have free time to enjoy family and other children!

What do students do the other 3 days?

Students should complete core classes either at home or a combination of at Academy and home. Elective can also be completed both at home and Academy. Education should happen at home with Creative Academy classes helping to encourage and support families.

What if I already homeschool?

You can continue your curriculum if you want, or change.
Great electives supplement and give new opportunities!

What does the schedule look like?

9:30 - Interactive chapel
10:00 - Class
11:00 - Class
12:00 - Lunch (bring your own)
12:30 - Class
1:30 - Class
2:30 - Class
Thursday has the same schedule but with different classes.
The Bible is part of every class to model how God is part of everything we do.

What about snow days?

We added 2 extra classes in case we miss some!

Will we go to Distance Learning?

No, distance learning is ineffective for children to learn. Screen time is detrimental to their development. Children need interactions, so they are better learning with parents at home. Creative Academy will still support home school families

When will Creative Academy have classes?

January 19 - May 13
Tuesdays & Thursdays 9:30-2:30

How big are classes?

Usually 5-15, but depends on the class.

Is each class a single grade level?

Most classes will have about 3 different ages together. This is intentional because student thrive in a community. Older students step up to be a leader, like a big brother or sister helping other students. Younger children respect the older children and tend to try harder. When all children are the same age, the group tends to pound down the nail that stick out. We encourage the children to all do their best and support each other. This attitude of cooperation is often evident at home.

What about safety?

Safety is always important, especially with our children! Adults will be background checked. Someone will be available with CPR certification and other ways to protect our children.

Will we bus?

No. We encourage family involvement. Talk in the car and be a part at school!

How can I help at Creative Academy?

There will be many volunteer opportunities, including assisting in classes, supervising at lunch, nursery, set up, tear down, front desk, and using organizational/administration skills. It’s a great opportunity to encourage others and see Creative Academy in action!

What if I need help?

Creative Academy is your ally!
Teachers care! They encourage you to ask questions.
Some teachers offered to help students or tutor.
We will offer parent seminars and activities.
A Homeschool Mentor wants to lead parent discussions, share ideas and pray with families.
Emails can give more ideas and suggestions.
As you build relationships with other families, share struggles and successes. It helps when we do life together!
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