About Creative Academy

About Creative Academy

Creative Academy partners with parents in a unique mentor-driven model of K-12 education across the Twin Cities area. We offer dynamic and engaging K-12 classes. Children can participate in the preschool cooperative as early as age 3.

Students participate in engaging, dynamic classroom environments that teach core and elective classes through a biblical worldview. Instead of sitting passively in a classroom environment for eight hours a day, students are actively engaged in learning through the vehicles of family, church, school, and community. Creative Academy’s dynamic model helps students develop the academic curiosity they need to become a generation of lifelong learners and culture shapers.

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Creative Academy exists to strengthen Christian community, enhance socio-academic skills, and advance the Kingdom of God. Our mission is to create parent-church partnerships that nurture a lifelong love of learning and an appreciation for the arts within the context of a strong biblical worldview. We equip the next generation of leaders to excel in the home, the church, and the marketplace.


In partnership with homeschooling parents and Creative Church, Creative Academy endeavors to train up a generation of culture-shapers by creating community, enhancing skills, and nurturing kingdom-mindedness.


Creative Academy connects parents, teachers, and homeschool students around the central hub of Creative Church, providing collective oversight and connective opportunities. Creative Academy fosters connective threads between the local church and Christian institutions of higher education, strengthening the bonds of unity, creating a rich culture of educational and workplace influence, and preparing students for college, career, and family life.

Why Homeschooling?

Across America today, 56 million students attend schools where God has been purposefully dissected from the foundations of learning. The youngest generations have been indoctrinated in an academic system that has produced the fruit of anxiety, depression, suicide ideation, drug abuse, youth homicide, STDs, and atheism.

Homeschooling is a system of family discipleship where parents take on the responsibility of educating their children at home through a variety of methods and systems. For most Christian families, this means providing a Bible-based education centered on both spiritual and academic formation.

Creative Academy is built on a foundation that restores Christianity, the church, and the family to the center point of academia, reversing the trend of negative fruit in the youngest generations.

The student who is fully trained will be coming like the teacher.
Luke 6:40b

How Does Creative Academy Work?

Homeschoolers can study at home for their entire K-12 career. However, we’ve found the support of the classroom can provide homeschoolers with a valuable community experience that fosters growth and maturity.

Creative Academy gives parents the confidence of knowing who is teaching their children and what ideologies they are being trained up in. Our model encourages the development of competencies that educate students in the truth of God’s word, partnering with parents in raising up a generation of world changers.

Attend Class 2x a Week

Students attend class 2 days a week, providing the necessary balance of reflection and connection designed to stir up an academic curiosity and fuel life-long learning.

Core & Elective Courses

Elective courses include Theater, Art, Logic, Entrepreneurship, Spanish, Crazy Science Experiments, Exploring Countries and Cultures, Personal Faith, Food and Nutrition, Speech/Debate, Music, and Leadership Skills to name a few.

Flexible Hours

We trade the 8 hour school days for a flexible schedule which you set to match your family dynamic.

Designed for Engagement

We sit in circles instead of rows to encourage every student to participate.

Mentored by Parents not Peers

This leads to students who are more likely to be civically engaged, more intergenerationally-minded, more likely to remain in the faith, and more secure in their identity than those educated in the traditional system.


Parents join with the church and Christian teachers who share the parents’ core values and are committed to the student’s success.

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Our Director

Welcome to Creative Academy! We are thrilled to partner with your family on this academic adventure...

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