Academy Director

Michelle Grubb

A Letter from our Director:

Welcome to Creative Academy! We are excited to partner with you on your family’s educational journey! In this partnership, you will find support for yourself as the parent and enhanced learning opportunities from our dedicated coaching staff for your student… all while standing firm on the foundation of the Word of God.

At Creative Academy we focus on three main pillars: Community, Creativity, and Christ.

As humans, we are wired for social connection and a sense of belonging. The Community pillar creates an environment where students not only connect with their peers but engage in discipleship with caring coaches. We use circles instead of rows to heighten involvement and let students know they are celebrated not tolerated! Additionally, Creative Academy fosters opportunities for parents and families to interact in “community” with other families on their homeschool journey so no one is doing life alone.

God is the author of Creativity! Genesis 1:1 tells us, "In the beginning, God CREATED the heavens and the earth.” We strive to allow His creativity to lead everything we do and make each learning experience an adventure! Information enters our brains through our five senses, the more senses we involve, the more likely we will form long-lasting memories of the information we are taking in. Instead of sitting passively in a classroom environment for eight hours a day, students are actively engaged in the learning process.

Lastly, yet most importantly, Creative Academy is built on a firm foundation of Christ. 1 Corinthians 3:11 says “For no one can lay any foundation other than the one we already have - Jesus Christ.” Students participate in captivating, compelling classroom environments that teach core and elective classes through a biblical worldview. They are encouraged to ask questions and learn biblical truths.

In Judges, we learn about Samson’s father, Manoah. When Manoah learned they were having a son he asked the angel of the Lord… “What is the manner of this child and what is his mission?”

Parents, if you have never asked this question to the Lord before….ask it! “What is the manner of this child and what is their mission?” As stewards of the children entrusted to your care, you have an opportunity to discover their mission and set them up for a successful future! You CAN teach your children, just as you taught them to walk and talk!

We look forward to supporting your family’s homeschool journey!

Michelle Grubb

Executive Director Creative Academy

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